Join Michelle Mullins (aromaZen) and Tabby Kellet (Lightly Centered) as they collaborate to bring you a deep dive session in combining Sound Medicine, and the therapeutic use of essential oils for self healing and group work.


Sunday July 8th 10am - 6pm

Healing Delight - 6/129 Balaclava road, Caulfield

Price $297

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Who should attend:

Yoga Teachers

Bring a new dimension to your class and offer a creative unique experience to your students


Find new techniques rooted in sound and aromatherapy practices to deepen your healing modalities and ease anxiety and tension.


Explore new creative ways to bring balance and peace into the classroom

Retreat & Wellbeing Workshop Facilitators

Add a little more LUSH to your programs with the use of essential oils and sound to deepen and enrich the experience of your participants and add value to your offerings.

Anyone who is interested in;

learning new skills and gain a knowledge in sharing sound and aroma with yourself or others.

Why is this important for you:


There is so much more to sound than simply what you ‘hear’. Ancient cultures have been using vibrational medicine for thousands of years and modern science is driving a new era and bringing it to the masses. The universal language of sound can transform us (and our environment) on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Equally, ancient wisdom in plant based vibrational medicines (and particularly essential oils) is proven to impact us in shifting our physical and emotional wellbeing and is a powerful companion to sound for creating inner transformation.

The aromaZen Sound Magic workshop will explore these two instruments of change and show you how to leverage them for self healing and group work.

What you’ll experience:

  • A fully interactive theory and practical training
  • A bliss-inducing, stress-melting aromaZen Chakra meditation using doTERRA essential oils and an extended soundbath
  • A unique educational soundscape journey to embody the wisdom of sound and smell

What you’ll learn:

  • Production, history, types and uses of ancient shamanic instruments (Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • How to play for mindfulness, meditation, clearing, self healing
  • Learn how to incorporate other healing instruments into a successful soundbath and be cutting edge with a trauma-informed approach.
  • Frequencies of sound for chakra's
  • Contra-indications and important things to be aware of.
  • Essential oils used to balance each chakra
  • Manifestation and deep rest in Yoga Nidra
  • Learn about the fascinating world of sound through a unique meditative educational soundscape (with guest performer - Lyndon Apthorpe)


About Tabby

"Tabby Kellett, (qualified and experienced holistic counsellor/sound healer/facilitator/trainer) from Lightly Centered will be sharing abundant wisdom about exquisite Tibetan Singing Bowls.


About Michelle

Founder of aromaZen - a guided healing journey, aromaWild Women's retreats and aromaLife wellbeing. Michelle is a creative entrepreneur with qualifications in the healing arts.

What is aromaZen

aromaZen is a guided 3 part process beginning with an internal contemplation through the 7 chakras (emotional energy centres). Using a connective inhalation process with essential oils and deep breath, we then implant our goal or intention in a Yoga Nidra body relaxation meditation. The process culminates in a soothing sound bath of harmonic chimes, drums, bowls and percussion to uplift your spirit and soothe your soul.