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aromaLife Natural Diffuser
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Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers

Using a diffuser is one of my favourite ways to experience essential oils. If you're new to essential oils, this is something you want to get your hands on.

Our range of urban ultrasonic diffusers bring the goodness of essential oils to life and into your home or business. We source and provide a select group of high quality aromatherapy diffusers, accessories and alternatives for those wanting to make conscious choices around healthcare and lifestyle. 

How to bring essential oils into your home

Did you know that when you diffuse essential oils using my diffusers the oils stay in your room for up to 3 hours?

Did you know “burning oils” destroys the therapeutic benefit of the oil you are using?

Your home will still smell beautiful but you won’t get all the amazing health benefits of your oils.

My diffusers are safe to use ( I use one in my Son’s bedroom at night to help him sleep)

They are beautiful too……I love beautiful things and it is important to me that my diffusers look good.

They run for 6 - 8  hours.

They are quiet

They are easy to use and clean.

Auto Switch off

Humidifier and Air Purifier

Just add water and 6 drops of your favourite essential oil and switch it on.

For more information on why you would use a diffuser click here


I love feedback about how my products and oils are making a positive change in peoples lives.

Here's a word from Kate...

“Thank you Michelle, I love my diffusers" I have three…one in my daughters room, one in my bedroom and one in our lounge.

My little girl has also struggled with sleep…and now bedtime in so much easier…she chooses the oil she feels she needs and we put her diffuser on and she is usually asleep in about 15 minuets.  

I just love my diffuser.I have mine next to my bed and I am finding I am sleeping so much better. It has also helped with my partners snoring. We use the essential oil blend you recommended for snoring ……So a huge thank you.

I didn’t think I would notice such a difference….but honestly….I will continue to use my diffusers and essential oils daily…I have also noticed my dogs are calmer at night too…”

Kate Galvin….Melbourne

and a word from Sophie...

I absolutely love my diffuser and oils. It's helpful for the whole family. I've used mine from the very day my son was born. It helps him to calm down when he's overtired and wonderful to ease him into sleep. My husband gets asthma and he finds it helps him to keep his airways open.

Sophie, Tay and Jude Easton

Want to add some essential oils? 


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If you just want to try a couple of oils today, you can order these here at retail price or for the full range you can go to my doTERRA website at

Can I suggest you consider the more intelligent way to buy doTERRA oils.. this is to set up your own wholesale account and save 25%

Check out my custom kits page to see a range of start up kits and specifically designed kits to suit your preferences. 



aromaLife Accessories


A handy carry case for vials of oil. Each case holds 10 vials (5ml or 15ml size).

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Oil Lovers Case

Sturdy hard cover black essential oil zip up case holds 30 x 15ml essential oil bottles

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keychain case

Handy little case to carry 8 x 2ml bottles on your keychain.

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