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aromaZen Facilitator Training

Next Intake: Melbourne

Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th Aug 2019 ( FULLY BOOKED)

Friday 14th Feb - Sunday Feb 16th 2020 ( 1/2 FULL )


What is aromaZen?

aromaZen is a guided 3-part process beginning with an internal contemplation and enquiry through the 7 chakras, using a connective inhalation process with essential oils, deep breath and a guided spoken word journey.

We then implant our goal or intention in a Zen Nidra body relaxation meditation to still the mind body and soul and fall into deep rest. The process culminates in a soothing sound bath of harmonic chimes, drums, bowls and percussion to uplift your spirit and soothe your soul.

You emerge feeling cleansed, clear and calm with ease and inspiration to move forward with a stronger sense of self. It’s more than a meditation.. its a complete sensory healing journey.

A profound experience from start to finish! I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth, and even the other participants in the room at the end. But during the practice, complete inner focus and inner work.
Thank you Michelle for this beautiful session!”
— Mary VG - Queensland

Haven’t had the aromaZen experience yet? Click the image below to get aromaZen ‘at home’ recording and experience it for yourself!


Is this Training for me?

Are you drawn to Vibrational Medicine, love doTERRA essential oils, sound healing and practices that are deeply restorative and calming?

  • Can you think of people you know, people you love that are in need of help to ease anxiety, calm nervous tension in the mind, body and spirit?

  • Would you love to bring a beautiful mindfulness practice that is simple and enjoyable for all people at all stages to your community, group or family?

  • Do you know your tribe needs more connection and self care and you'd love to be the one to offer them a new way to feel more peace, calm and overall happiness?

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Do you hear that internal whisper, urging you to follow your dreams? Calling you to let go of old paradigms, ways of being that are stifling your creativity and draining your energy? Lean into what what lights you up, align with whatever makes your heart sing!

  • Would you like to add a new unique and creative healing modality to your wellness business, yoga schedule, essential oil biz, your studio or healing space?

  • Does being part of a larger like minded group of professionals and therapists, that offers support and sharing of resources, tools and experience appeal to you?

  • Are you sick of your job, ready for change, wanting to move into living the life you were born for?

  • Are you looking for a system, a pre- tested, proved and successful model that could support your growth and provide a platform to launch into your role as teacher, facilitator or guide?

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Are you a senstive soul who could guide other sensitives manage their overhwhelm, build strength, resilience and develop a stonger sense of confidence and self knowing?

  • Do you resonate with being highly sensitive, an empath or someone who is a carer or natural nurturer of others?

  • Have you always been deeply intuitive, connected to energy and curious about the healing arts?

  • You feel things, you have deep knowings or are especially connected to plants, animals or the spirt world.

  • Maybe you intuitively know the properties of essential oils, or feel you'd love to explore them.

  • Natural Medicines, Vibrational healing, Nature, astrology, energy work and sound lights you up and feels like home.

  • Ancient cultures have been using vibrational medicine for thousands of years and modern science is driving a new era and bringing it to the masses. The universal language of sound can transform us (and our environment) on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

  • Equally, ancient wisdom in plant based vibrational medicines (and particularly essential oils) is proven to impact us in shifting our physical and emotional wellbeing and is a powerful companion to sound for creating inner transformation.

  • Yoga nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness and has been used successfully for managing anxiety, Ptsd, sleep issues and stress.

Through my love and experience in Tantra, I’ve included embodiment practices, prayer and breath work in the guided meditation that deepen the connection to each chakra and create more release and connection.

Incorporating the doTERRA oils to our inner contemplation meditation helps us to connect and feel our own emotional openings and blockages. They enhance our experience and support the process. Again, the oils connect us to the feelings, to allow them to surface, to be felt and to shift out of the energy field.

aromaZen is a beautiful loving process for people to regularly experience. It encourages openness and nurtures the feminine, which is important for women and men.

aromaZen Classes can be hosted in yoga studios, healing centres or are a beautiful community event in your home studio or space.


aromaZen Classes can be hosted in yoga studios, healing centres or are a beautiful community event in your home studio or space.

This image below is one of my dear friends home studio and location for our popular often SOLD OUT monthly FULL moon aromaZen classes.

Could you see yourself doing that?

‘Baby’s Corner’ -  A beautiful home studio and the location of our regularly SOLD OUT monthly aromaZen ‘Full Moon’ experiences. Home studios are a great place to grow your tribe with aromaZen.

‘Baby’s Corner’ - A beautiful home studio and the location of our regularly SOLD OUT monthly aromaZen ‘Full Moon’ experiences. Home studios are a great place to grow your tribe with aromaZen.

Teaming up with my dear friend at her home studio - ‘Baby’s Corner’ has become a special experience for us to share in bringing a community of gorgeous women together for the  monthly aromaZen Full Moon experience .

Teaming up with my dear friend at her home studio - ‘Baby’s Corner’ has become a special experience for us to share in bringing a community of gorgeous women together for the monthly aromaZen Full Moon experience.

The aromaZen experience was very healing and brought me from a state of tension to a state of peace and calm. The oils were my favourite part as in the magical properties we find emotional relief. Thanks Michelle
— Heba El Hakim - Melbourne


The Facilitator Training Weekend is 21 hours of live Training directly with Michelle Mullins - Founder of aromaZen.

You will also learn Sound Healing Techniques from musician and Sound Specialist Lyndon Apthorpe.

Investment: Only $1275.00 

SAVE 15% when you pay in FULL

$1500 with optional payment plan - ask for details

What’s new?

aromaZen Membership Portal

Access to the aromaZen Members Portal is also included in your enrolment fee.
In the portal, you will get access to the aromaZen Facilitators Certification Manual and all the tools you need to complete certification process (this includes the custom made 1.5 hour aromaZen Foundations Track and guide, and aromaZen Foundations scripts). 

Upon successful completion of your certification, you will also gain immediate access to the ‘aromaZen Certified Facilitators - Starter Kit’, containing a large and growing library of marketing materials, logos, reference sheets and more to help you market your aromaZen Restorative Healing Journeys.


Friday Aug 23rd -  Sunday Aug 25th ( FULLY BOOKED)

Location: Breathing Space Yoga - Chapel street, Prahran, Vic

Friday 10 - 6pm

Saturday 10 - 6pm

Sunday 10 - 5pm

FEB 2020 ( 1/2 Full - Get in touch soon to book your spot )

Friday Feb 14th - Sunday Feb 16th

Friday 10 - 6pm

Saturday 10 - 6pm

Sunday 10 - 5pm

aromaZen is an approved Healing Modality with IICT which enables you to easily access Insurance

aromaZen is an approved Healing Modality with IICT which enables you to easily access Insurance




Fully Comprehensive Training Manual with scripts and class plans

aromaZen Private Facilitators Facebook group

aromaZen Recorded Background Track ( custom made )

( Upon completion of the intake training and final certification you will be provided with the following )

aromaZen Accrediation Certificate

aromaZen certified facilitator Logo

Branding Guide - colour palette and style guide

A set of aromaZen branded posts to advertise and marketing material

Post Training

Business Webinar : Marketing / Advertising Webinar - date to be confirmed

Including Social Media platforms ,payment struture and gateways.

Best practices & Code of Ethics

Tonight I had such a grounding experience! I highly recommend Michelle Mullins’, aromaZen. Using essential oils assigned to our chakras then finishing with a Yoga Nidra.... Wowsa! My sensory experience was blown apart, recalibrated and realigned to a natural space within.
Thank you Michelle! You are the Connected Goddess I didn’t know I needed...
— Emily Paulo - Collective Potential

Here’s what we cover

  • Understanding Chakra System and their Psychology

  • The healing qualities of doTERRA therapeutic essential oils and how to use to balance and activate the chakras

  • The aromaZen guided meditation process including the other practices of dynamic breathwork, self enquiry techniques and tantric emodiment practices.

  • The 3 stages of aromaZen for beginners to more experienced guests

  • Zen Nidra - Yoga Nidra Explained and explored for to ease stress and the nervous system.

  • The Power of Manifestation and the missing elements that sabotage us from fulfilling our desires.

  • The power of Sound Frequency for healing, Rhthym, pace and Tonality

  • How to play Tibetan Bowls, the medicine drum, chimes and percussion in a sound bath

  • Using your voice for meditation and healing

  • Effective Communication and space holding space for others.

What is the role of a facilitator?

  • Learn to hold space and facilitate deep healing

  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries in the client, student relationship

  • Learn Effective and Healthy Communication skills

  • Understand Therapeutic Holding - Handling more challenging emotional situations

  • Creating safety and the Healing environment in your aromaZen Space

  • Self care practices, protection, cleansing personal practices

  • Effective Opening and Closing of a Healing Space.

  • Higher connection and Intention setting


  • Best business practices for running classes and events

  • Social Media platforms and payment gateways for ticketing

  • Advertising and community groups on facebook

  • Introduction to Canva for creative graphics

  • Email marketing through mailchimp

  • Branding aromaZen 


  • How to use aromaZen to build, share and grow your doTERRA business - by request for doTERRA Ipcs

  • Option for private mentoring with Michelle to help remove blocks and get your business growing - Prices on request

Eternally grateful that I have connected with the magnetic, Michelle. I was first introduced to Michelle after attending one of her aromaZen meditations. I was instantly drawn to her authentic, genuine and heartfelt teachings. Not going on anything more than a strong, intuitive knowing that I needed to experience more of ‘what I had just felt’, I signed up for the aromaZen Facilitator training a week later.
Michelle is full of life, vibrant, energising, alive, inclusive, humble, heart-centred and an inspiring role model to conscious women. With her guidance, she has helped me remove negative thought patterns, blockages and stale habits that were holding me back from living a soul-satisfying life.
— Claire Kenna
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You click on the apply now buttons on this page which will lead you to a form to add your details. You will be required to book a phone appointment with Michelle to discuss finer details.

When Can I start my aromaZen Classes, workshops?

After completing your facilitator training and submitting your personal class led by you via video, vimeo or Michelle can attend your trial class ( if suitable )

How many people can join my class?

As many as you want.

Can I run an aromaZen class with a friend?

Yes if your friend is also qualified as an aromaZen facilitator.  Many enjoy the support of others in this way

Can I add my own additional practices or teachings to the curriculum?

No, it’s very important that you don’t add your own curriculum or teaching to the curriculum as we have a methodology that works and that is proprietary. In agreeing to become an aromaZen facilitator you are agreeing to this.

Can I run a class that is just a part of the aromaZen process and Still call it aromaZen?

No, aromaZen is a trademarked modality that is designed as a 3 part process to be delivered in the sequence it was intended and in its original form. aromaZen is the full 1.5 hour journey.

What materials will I need to run my aromaZen classes?

3 x Tibetan Bowls

1 x Medicine Drum

Choice of chimes, percussion and other sound instruments

doTERRA essential oils - 7 chakra oils

Details on best options for instruments will be given at our Training Weekend.

Are there any pre-requisites into becoming an aromaZen Facilitator?

No. Many who join us do have other certificates or specialities in the healing arts or wellness industry but its not essential. A passion and love of Vibrational Medicine is all you need.

It is preferred that you attend an aromaZen class prior if possible. We believe your own experience of the class will be the best barometer to know if this training is right for you.

How do I set my aromaZen Fee?

We understand that people are running these classes in a variety of different locations withing Australia and Internationally. Markets vary in different places so we let you decide but we train you to see aromaZen as a business and show you how to make it profitable and worthwhile for your efforts and energy over the longterm. You will receive guidance in our training.


Is there any marketing material included?

We provide a basic set of aromaZen branded posts and a style guide with colour palette for your own marketing creations.

Can I make my own to suit my style?

Yes, as long as it follows the aromaZen style guide and colour palette.

What about marketing and advertising - is there training included?

Yes, there is a business training webinar that will be run after our 3 day Training to teach you how best to advertise, set up payment gateways and run the most effective business platform for classes and workshops.


What's the accreditation process?

After you have finished your 3 day aromaZen Facilitator Training and your Business Marketing Webinar, you are required to do a sample aromaZen class with friends or family and record it on your iphone or have a friend record for you.

*In some cases, for those from local melbourne areas, you can invite Michelle to come to your class instead of recording if that works for all parties.


For class insurance, we suggest joining  IICT ( International Institute for Complimentary Therapies ) a professional governing body. You can then access discounted insurnace from AON at reasonable prices. aromaZen is in the process of becoming a recognised provider for with the IICT.

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Meet one of our insipring certified aromaZen Facilitators:

Tracey Forster

aromaZen in the country:
I have been really impressed with how ladies in country towns have really taken to aromaZen. Its far exceeded my expectations! They love aromaZen because it is so different to other meditation classes, it incorporates the essential oils and they are in love with the sound bath at the end. It's truely a sensory experience. Being a monthly class they don't have to commit weekly so I think that's also a draw card. In saying that our Tatura class is booked out every month as our room can only hold 8. We could certainly run a class here more often. We are also booked out in Shepparton with 15 ladies which is the most our venue can hold. I also run a class in Cohuna every few months with 11 ladies attending my first one. I love hearing people's feedback and when they book the next month you know they are getting something special out of it.

There's certainly benefits from being in a smaller town because you have networks whether it's friends, family or work. And word of mouth is certain in full swing with people bring their friends to come an experience an aromaZen. Im surprised by the people who have attended and love aromaZen, I wouldn't have picked it. Women are needing this more then ever and they are certainly embracing it. We have people attend that have never heard of a chakra before and others who are very familiar and spiritual. I have chosen to team up with a friend so we have double the network. We set up an online ticket system so we know how many will be attending. We have learnt so much from Michelle about what's worked for her and the marketing material is so professional it's allowed us to just get on with it. It's feels so nice to work from a place of passion and love. My favourite part is seeing peoples faces as they eventually sit up, it just says it all. It truly has been easier then I imagine and loved by others as much as I loved my first aromaZen experience. Once we got over holding ourselves back and ran our first class it was incredible. We will never look back! We run aromaZen in 3 towns and looking to expand to other towns around us. Thank you Michelle for sharing the gift of aromaZen with us and enabling us to share with many more xx If you are drawn to aromaZen and want to run these classes, go for it, don't hold yourself back.

Michelle Mullins aromaZen.jpeg

Michelle Mullins

Founder & Creator

aromaLife I aromaZen I aromaWild

yoga teacher I soul guide I empath I educator

Hi Beauties,

If you don't know me, my name is Michelle Mullins and I am the Founder of aromaLife and creator of aromaZen the restorative healing practice and aromaWild transformational women's retreats.

aromaZen is a culmination of all of my favourite influences and at the core it's Vibrational Medicine.

As a highly sensitive empath, restorative practices energize me , clear my mind and balance my emotions . They are soul medicine for sensitives. So many people are living in constant overwhelm, adrenal fatigue, high stress and chronic illness. We know, so deeply that our old ways of managing our health are no longer serving us. 

For a look at my credentials and my personal journey in the healing arts and wellness industry click here

For many of you, this pathway of learning will make it easier for you to step up and jump into sharing your magic with others. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or looking to add value, something special to bring more creativity and community to your business.

Maybe you've been wanting to get out of your job, change your direction and get into alignment with your true purpose. Now, more than ever we are all being urged to get real with ourselves and let our true selves shine. 

This Facilitator Certification  offers you a tried and tested successful 3 part healing modality that makes it easy for you to get started. The scripts, the music, the whole plan, branding and business training for getting you going is all sorted for you. You will learn the underlying foundations but also be ready to share with others by day 3. I believe it's important to fully embody the teachings by stepping into the facilitator role and practicing within the group.

Alot of the hard work has been done, but it’s up to you to show up fully, open and ready to learn.

Many of you may have had prior trainings in a variety of healing modalities .. but we ask that you come with a curious open mind and be willing to participate with fresh eyes.

You will be supported along your journey, by me, but also by the growing number of amazing conscious facilitators that are leading the way and running successful aromaZen business's. 

There is our private aromaZen Facilitators Fb Group,  options for private mentoring with Michelle if you feel you have blocks preventing you from starting your class as well as a range of other workshops, classes and retreats for those that want further study or self development.

One thing I have to share, is that over the past 3 years, I've been constantly so humbled by the feedback from participants after an aromaZen Mediation. It's always amazing and often people feel transformed in ways they haven't experienced, which to be honest, surprised me at first, but it just kept on coming, so much so that this was my call to action. It's been the call of others, people like you who are looking for something new, who have connected so deeply to themselves in this practice that they just want to share it with others. Many have asked if they can offer this to their loved ones and or students, so this is why I'm now offering this learning pathway with you.

I look forward to hearing from you 

Love Michelle x