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aromaMood Kit

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The Mood Management kit is the perfect combination of oils to help us manage the rollercoaster of emotions that we sometimes find ourselves navigating. We have solutions to ease anxiety, calm nerves, uplift our moods and encourage more joy. We have even included an oil to  help us get a deep nourishing sleep.

This is one of my favourite kits. I'm a highly sensitive person and I feel things deeply so this is an area that I need some help. I love having these tools at hand so that I know I can support myself and my loved ones in times of need.

aromaMood Kit

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Balance Essential Oil

A grounding blend of tree oils that calming to the nervous system, soothing and grounding, helping us to get out of our head and into our bodies. Balance helps bring us into the present moment, and connects us to our body and to the earth.

How to use

  • Add to the soles of your feet, your shoulders or behind your ears.
  • Use  a couple of drops in your hands, rub together and hold your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply.
  • Use in a diffuser.
  • Whenever you feel yourself stressed or anxious, this is your go to. Take it with you to work, use it just as you need to make a phone call that may be challenging. Keep it handy.

Citrus Bliss Essential Oil

An invigorating, uplifting blend of citrus oils with a hint of vanilla. Its sweet and energising.  All of the citrus oils are wonderful for lifting heavy moods and encouraging hope and optimism. This blend is motivating and lifts you spirits.

How to use

  • Beautiful in your diffuser in any room to inhale 
  • I like to add a few drops to my belly ( solar plexus ) and then I hold my hands over my mouth and nose and inhale deeply 5 times.
  • Citrus Bliss is the perfect choice for using when making any of your own soaps, scrubs, cleaning products, as the aroma is so yummy.

Lavender Peace Essential Oil

This is the calming blend designed to help you get a better sleep. It helps you relax and let go into sleep as well as offering a a deep more nourishing sleep. 

This is my nbr 1 must have for parents.. This is GOLD for kids. Who does't need help getting them to relax and go to sleep more easily at some stage?

How to use

  • Use in your diffuser next to your be at night
  • Add a few drops to your hands, rub together and hold over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply 5 times.
  • Keep it next to you bed if you often wake at night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Just inhale.
  • Take this with you when flying or travelling. Its also great to calm anxious feelings and panic
  • Rub over your throat to help you speak more clearly when feeling stressed.
  • Add a few drops to your bath to help you relax after a long day or before bed.

Elevation Essential Oil

This is the joyful blend!  Its floral , sweet and citrus We call this "natures anti depressant"  This unique blend has been intelligently formulated by experts in their field to help people with depression and low moods. At some time in our lives, we all go through challenging times. Even when you are just feeling a little flat, this blend is awesome at lifting you out of it and revitalising you.

How to use

  • Use in the diffuser in the mornings to energise and revitalise your moods 
  • Rub on the soles of your feet, over your heart, wrists, temples to elevate your mood and promote vitality
  • Keep handy in your bag to use when you feel you need it. Just run in your hands and inhale deeply.


Would you like to read a little more on how to use oils to manage stress and anxiety take a look a this

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