aromaMood - Mood Management Kit

The Mood Management kit is the perfect combination of oils to help us manage the rollercoaster of emotions that we sometimes find ourselves navigating. We have solutions to ease anxiety, calm nerves, uplift our moods and encourage more joy. We have even included an oil to  help us get a deep nourishing sleep.

This is one of my favourite kits. I'm a highly sensitive person and I feel things deeply so this is an area that I need some help. I love having these tools at hand so that I know I can support myself and my loved ones in times of need.

aromaYoga Kit

As an experienced yoga teacher and student and someone who just totally loves it ! I make yin yoga, restorative yoga and meditation practices a part of my regular wellness routine. it helps me manage my mental, emotional and physical body as well as being a fantastic vehicle for spiritual growth and awareness.

As I've developed over the years and my passion for essential oils has evolved, I find adding them into my yoga just enhances and deepens my experience.

I've created a basic kit with suggestions of oils you can start with and how you can use them either in your own practice at home, you can take them to class or those of you who teach your own style of yoga, there is some great ideas here for ways you can incorporate new tools into your biz... after all, our students love to keep learning new things all the time and are looking for your leadership in the best ways to improve their health and wellness.