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Lyndon Apthorpe - aromaZen | men

Lyndon Apthorpe - aromaZen | men

If you have ever attended an aromaZen Journey, you will likely know how impactful this process can be as a catalyst for growth and healing. We hear so many stories and receive such amazing feedback of how the process speaks deeply to the core of those who attend, awakening something within. This is evident in the growing number of amazing women who are stepping up and into the role of aromaZen Facilitators to take this work into their communities, and be that catalyst for change. But…

We also know the aromaZen process is a deeply feminine journey and that although powerful, may not resonate directly with our brothers. This is understandable. Men are facing a different (and growing) set of challenges all the time. Receiving the full force of the backlash to patriarchal structures, trying to re-learn what it means to be a man in modern society, being told to be masculine but not knowing what that looks like outside of the distortion of media, movies and music. Just like the feminist rise in the 60’s, the relevance of men is being challenged again, but it’s no longer just male vs female. There are new players in the game… Jobs that were (rightly or wrongly) once the domain of men are shifting, not just to women, but to the rapid rise of technology. Lifelong careers are being wiped out faster than most can respond and adapt. Jobs are harder to find. Family and social roles and dynamics are changing, yet the support net just isn’t large or effective enough and our men are hitting the ground.

The macho cry of “suck it up mate” and “don’t be a pussy”, just doesn’t cut it anymore. The emotional well within them is too full and it is overflowing. Addictions, depression, anxiety, violence and suicide are increasing in young and older men as their unexpressed, unfelt emotions spill onto the ground around them. The beautiful, life giving, love giving energy within our men is evaporating under the heat of this changing energetic and social climate.

I am fully aware that many (if not most) men will not see or take the time to read this post, and that it may be seen as too “fluffy”. That’s why I am not writing it to them (that one will come soon). I am writing to the women in their lives. Those who love their husbands, partners, brothers, dads, sons, friends. Those who are scared for what the future holds for the men in their life. Those who are afraid of what is going to happen at a collective level if something doesn’t change. Those who want to form a deeper connection with their men, and challenge the norms and conventions. Those who want to connect with the softer side of their men, and help them to find and embrace their healthy masculine and feminine. Those who just want to know that there is something out there for their men. I am writing to you!

aromaZen | men is coming, and it’s made by a man, for your men. It is still the amazing three part journey that you know and love. It is still chakra’s, oils, yoga nidra and a sound bath. It is still meditative. It is still a deep journey within. But… The words are different. The connection is different. The music and sound is different. aromaZen | men is designed to speak to the The inner King, The inner Warrior, The inner Lover, The inner Magician. But it is also designed to speak to their big, soft and full feminine heart. aromaZen | men is designed to be a catalyst for change in their life. To embrace a new level of growth and healing. To form new healthy bonds with men and women. With themselves.

In our society, it takes a brave man to step into this work. To face the ridicule of being seen as “soft”. But if you can show the path, protect his heart and help him connect with the possibility of an amazing future, your man can move mountains.

This post is a call out to you to share this message and talk with your men. To encourage them to consider aromaZen | men when it is released.

Big love x