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aromaZen Certification Journey...


aromaZen Certification Journey...


Hi beauties,

If you don't know me, my name is Michelle Mullins and I am the Founder of aromaLife and creator of the beautifully healing practice, aromaZen.

aromaZen is a culmination of all of my favourite influences including yoga, tantric practices, essential oils, meditation, music, percussion and sound.

There are many different ways to find peace and connect to your inner wisdom. Everyone has their own preference to which way they choose. Finding your way and doing that often is in my opinion one of the most important for your overall health and happiness.

New dates for 2018 Coming Soon

A little about me...

I’m someone who loves colour, texture, heart opening music, high quality essential oils, restorative yoga practices, deep breaths, self expression, play, fun and creativity.

As a kinaesthetic, highly sensitive empath, I choose gentleness and being kind to myself as an important step in my pathway to manage pain and overwhelm, and to living a more vibrant, empowered and joyful life.

Through my love and experience in Tantra, I’ve included embodiment practices and breath work in the guided meditation that deepen the connection to each chakra and create more release and connection.

I am someone who needs to feel and do things for myself to really understand and embrace new learnings. That is what embodiment is, taking your process into your body to be explored, making the feelings tangible, actualised and felt, so we can understand them fully.

Incorporating the doTERRA oils to our inner contemplation meditation helps us to connect and feel our own emotional openings and blockages. They enhance our experience and support the process. Again, the oils connect us to the feelings, to allow them to surface, to be felt and to shift out of the energy field.

aromaZen is a beautiful loving process for people to regularly experience. It encourages openness and nurtures the feminine, which is important for women and men.

One thing I have to share, is that over the past 3 years, I've been constantly so humbled by the feedback from participants after an aromaZen Mediation. It's always amazing and often people feel transformed in ways they haven't experienced, which to be honest, surprised me at first, but it just kept on coming, so much so that this was my call to action. It's been the call of others, people like you who are looking for something new, who have connected so deeply to themselves in this practice that they just want to share it with others. Many have asked if they can offer this to their loved ones and or students, so this is why I'm now offering this learning pathway with you.

I attended one of Michelle’s AromaZen mediations (for the first time) a week  prior to the facilitator training. Knowing very little  about the different Chakras or aromatherapy oils, I walked in open-minded yet unaware of what to expect.  
Some experiences stand out in life, some do not!
After the meditation, I felt the best I had in such a long time. I experienced more self-awareness, clarity and a freedom within self that was too enticing to ignore. Hooked, I cancelled all plans for the following weekend  and signed up for the facilitator training asap! 
Michelle is a truly beautiful teacher. Her extensive knowledge of the content, partnered with her compassionate, supportive and energetic nature, makes for a very inspiring and uplifting weekend. 
Thank you Michelle. I am truly grateful for your teachings’ and generosity. 


- Claire - aromaZen Facilitator Student


Take the aromaZen Journey

Take the aromaZen Journey

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Are you feeling the call to delve deeper into your own self growth?

Maybe you're looking for a new pathway in your career?

Consider the aromaZen journey...

The Journey is a three stage process in the healing arts taking you from  a beginner to a certified aromaZen Facilitator.

  • aromaZen essence - Weekend Immersion
  • aromaZen awaken - 7 Week Chakra exploration classes
  • aromaZen Fusion -  Weekend Facilitator Intensive

If you're just looking for your own development and curious to learn some new skills and techniques to share with your friends and family then...

  • aromaZen essence is for you!

If you love the sound of this offering but you know you're also really keen to take your learning into a deeper more personal level for both your own personal healing but also to really embody the teachings to share with others then...

  • aromaZen essence &
  • aromaZen awaken are for you!

The awesome thing about doing both of these, is that if you then decide, "yes I want to move on to become an aromaZen certified Facilitator"to run your own classes , then there is just one more unit and you are you're there!

I know I want to become an aromaZen Certified Facilitator!

Awesome, I can't wait to hear from you, so when you've got that big YES right away, you feel it, you know it, all the things you are reading here are screaming at you to jump....

You my love, need to enrol in all 3

  • aromaZen Essence
  • aromaZen Awaken
  • aromaZen Fusion


Keep scrolling down to see the full offering.

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Stage 1

Stage 1

aromaZen Essence :  Foundational Weekend Immersion

This weekend is the beginning the of the aromaZen pathway to become a certified aromaZen facilitator or it is or can be a personal development weekend for anyone curious to explore essential oils, chakras, meditation and the healing arts.

aromaZen classes are a 1.5 hour 3 part experience of guided mediation through the chakras using the inhalation and application of essential oils and gentle breath work, Zen Nidra yogic sleep meditation to relax and soothe the body, mind, spirit, We implant our heart's deepest longing and finish with an uplifting and harmonising sound healing

The intensive weekend unravels the aromaZen process is more detail, we unpack it, discover the ancient teachings, learn techniques, practices and tools to manage our overwhelm, energy levels and overall happiness.

By the end of this weekend you will feel connected to your self and more self aware and energised. You will learn how to do your own aromaZen mediations for yourself at home and even share with friends and family. 

You will have learned new skills and have the tools to bring about a whole new level of emotional healing for yourself and those you love. 

Here’s what we cover

  • Understanding Chakra System and their Psychology
  • The healing qualities of doTERRA therapeutic essential oils and how to use to balance and activate the chakras
  • Guided meditations for self awareness and reflection
  • Energetic Hygiene and Chakra Cleansing Techniques
  • Energetic Protection for Highly Sensitive People
  • Zen Nidra - Yoga Nidra Explained and explored for to ease stress and the nervous system.
  • The Power of Manifestation and the missing elements that sabotage us from  fulfilling our desires.
  • The Basics of Sound Healing , drums, percussion, chimes and bowls.  - How to play, what to be mindful of
  • Effective Communication and space holding space for others.

Other things you’ll receive

  • You’ll get a comprehensive aromaZen Manual
  • Gift Pack with tools for energetic cleansing including sage smudge stick and palo santo for clearing and protection, aromaLife essential oil case to keep your oils safe.
  • All the doTERRA therapeutic essential oils are provided for your use over the weekend Immersion.
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 10% - 15% discount on books, cards and aromaZen products sold at Natural Forces Healing Centre
  • 25% discount on the aromaZen chakra essential oil kit with doTERRA  ( If you want to purchase your own )  
  • An option to buy your aromaZen chakra kit plus the doTERRA emotions touch Roll on  kit on a  3 month payment program with doTERRA - This 3 month plan will also gift you a FREE aromaLife natural ultrasonic diffusers ( value $90 )

Order the doTERRA aromaZen Kit & Emotions Kit and get a FREE Diffuser with your three month plan!

Are you a doTERRA business builder? Learn how you can use an aromaZen style class to grow you business and educate your team.... 

When you complete aromaZen Essence Weekend Immersion, you will be invited to join a FREE Masterclass ( Webinar ) where we will show you how to create an aromaZen style class, education platform and 3 month LRP strategy to build your doTERRA business.


Friday 22nd September  6pm - 9pm

Saturday 23rd September 11am - 7pm

Sunday 24th September 10am - 6pm

Investment: $627.00

Location: Natural Forces Healing Centre

151 Ormond road, Elwood, Vic


You may decide that aromaZen essence weekend intensive is enough for now, or you may find yourself wanting to delve deeper into the chakras and work a little more on your own healing journey. If so, then the next step will help you to  uncover  your own personal patterning and blockages in aromaZen - 7 week program.

Scroll down...

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Stage 2

Stage 2

aromaZen Awaken -  7 Week Chakra exploration Class

Learning from Michelle was a wonderful experience. Her down to earth nature and warm approach made for a truly enjoyable weekend, not only learning how to facilitate an aromazen but experiencing self growth throughout the learning process. Michelle is so generous with her time and knowledge and takes the extra effort to ensure you have the knowledge you seek. Thank you for creating a supportive and fun learning environment!
Lisa Ray - aromaZen Facilitator Student

The 7 week chakra exploration class is a deep dive into each of the energy centres (1 chakra per week) and is a follow on from the aromaZen Essence foundations weekend immersion.

aromaZen Essence is a prerequisite to aromaZen Awaken as many of the practices covered in the weekend are used throughout the 7 week journey.

For those looking to teach others, or curious about becoming a certified aromaZen facilitator, this module is an integral part of this process as it offers you the opportunity to do the self work required to really embody it.

Through your own direct experience you will acquire the wisdom and knowledge to effectively share authentically with others and feel confident to hold space and create a safe environment for others as a facilitator.

Chakra exploration

Each week we will explore our own connection and personal experience in each energy centre, how it presents in behaviours when out of balance and how it looks and feels in harmony.

We will travel together, week by week with time in between to reflect and explore our habits, triggers and patterns as well as new skills and techniques to shift negative ways and inspire real change.

You will be guided through a sequence of meditations and activations,  gentle yoga postures, breath work, and other exercises designed to energetically wake up your highest potential,  activate DNA memories and gain inner wisdom into our personal inner terrain. 

A combination of the practices and techniques below will be used each week plus we will finish each weekly class with a guided meditation, Zen Nidra and Sound Healing to allow your to fully receive and nourish yourself prior to going home.

Practices & Techniques

  • Chakra Psychology and Emotional Healing
  • Gentle yoga postures and techniques designed to strengthen and activate each chakra.
  • Advanced Breath work exercises
  • Guided Meditations created for Chakra Activation.
  • Affirmations and manifestation
  • Working with the medicinal and vibrational healing qualities of doTERRA essential oils
  • Self Enquiry and Self Reflection Techniques
  • Colour Therapy & crystals & Food for healthy chakras
  • Healing vibrations of Sound
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills

This program will embody the chakra work and provide you with self awareness, skills and tools to manage your energetic and emotional health and wellbeing. You will experience, self growth, clearing of heavy negative energies that are holding you back from being your brightest versions of yourself and a more balanced, happier, energised you.

Every class will end with a guided meditation yoga nidra, sound healing.


October 12th, 19th, 26th 

November 2nd, 9th 16th & 23rd

6.30 - 9pm

Investment : $739.00

(see discount if purchased upfront with aromaZen Essence)

Location: Natural Forces ,Elwood, Vic

* For aromaZen Facilitators this module is essential for certification.


Stage 3: Fusion

Stage 3: Fusion

aromaZen Fusion : Facilitator Training Intensive

Are you looking to step up into a new space as a Facilitator?

Would you like to add a new unique and creative healing modality to your wellness business, essential oil biz, your studio or healing space?

Does being part of a larger like minded group of professionals and therapists, that offers support and sharing of resources, tools and experience appeal to you?

This is the final Module of training to become an certified aromaZen Facilitator.  You will be able to now share the aromaZen 1.5 hour class and a larger 1/2 day workshop commercially.

aromaZen will provide you with a pathway with ongoing learning options, we have partnerships and collaborations with a range of amazing Leaders and Teachers in the fields of Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Essential oils, Psychology as well as Technical Online Business Training, Business Development and Marketing

To undertake certification to be a facilitator you will have completed both:

  1. aromaZen Essence - Weekend immersion
  2. aromaZen Awaken - 7 week chakra intensive ( live classes or online webinar options )

What is the role of a facilitator?

  • Learn to hold space and facilitate deep healing and for yourself and others
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries in the client, student relationship
  • Learn Effective and Healthy Communication skills
  • Understand Therapeutic Holding - Handling more challenging emotional situations
  • Creating safety and the Healing environment in your aromaZen Space
  • Self care practices and cleansing personal practices
  • Effective Opening and Closing of a Healing Space.

In this weekend Intensive you will also be given time to embody the role of the facilitator by jumping into it and presenting part of the class to the group. The best way to get started, is to just do it.. previous students have reflected that without this opportunity, they may have taken a long time to get started

You’ll also receive:

  • Your own personal page on the aromalife website to highlight your personal business profile and promote your classes
  • Class Plans and scripts for an aromaZen 1.5 hour guided meditation practice
  • Class Plans and scripts for aromaZen 1/2 day workshop
  • Music Playlists for classes.
  • Private Facebook group for aromaZen facilitators.
  • 3 Private 1 hour Personal Mentoring Sessions with Michelle to help you create your own aromaZen business and help you to work into your own business.

Dates - TBA

Weekend in early 2018 will be announced at a later date.. stay tuned facilitators!

Investment - $627.00

Pathway to become an aromaZen Trainer

aromaZen is looking for committed, passionate like minded leaders that will become aromaZen Trainers, offering a platform for you to run your own aromaZen Essence, Awaken and Fusion programs in your hometown or state. To be considered for these positions, you will need to have finished the full accreditation process.



Here are some words from those who have experienced the aromaZen class. 

A profound experience from start to finish. I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth and even the other participants in the room at the end, but during the practice, complete inner focus and inner work. Thank you Michelle for this beautiful session.

Mary VG - QLD

Beautiful workshop, the space was very well held. I felt safe and trusted in Michelle, Dee and Shey. The oils feel like they have and they are helping me restore my sanity as I’m going through a stressful faze.The sound bowls, drums and chimes transported me into myself. I’ve missed this space. Thanks so much.

Julia Mahon - QLD

The aromaZen experience was very healing and brought me from a state of tension to a state of peace and calm. The oils were my favourite part as in  their magical properties we find emotional relief. Thanks Michelle

Heba El Hakim - Melbourne

Thankyou so much Michelle. The aromaZen experience provided a wonderful experienece on many levels. I left feeling much lighter and ready to achieve great heights

Chris Roberts - QLD

I think this experience is amazing, mind blowing and it made me cry a few times. I will be back for more. Thanks so much Michelle

Moon Mahri - Vic

Loved Loved Loved! Was very relaxing and calmed my mind

Natasha Norman - Vic

Beautiful experience, I feel very grounded

Vicki Hatzakis - Vic

That was amazing! Thank you Michelle - it was well worth the trip

Anna Chandler - New Zealand

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest


To book or enquire about any of the aromaZen stages, simply complete the form below and we'll back to you asap. Love, Michelle x

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If you have any specific contact instructions such as day and time best for a phone call, please provide here. Also, if you'd like to leave a note outlining your background, please free to add here. Otherwise, we will discuss this when we call.