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aromaZen is coming to Sydney for the annual doTERRA Convention

aromaZen Healing Journey
Chakra Balance I Nervous System Repair I Inner Wellness

Are you coming to doTERRA ‘Dream’ 2019 Convention, or maybe you're a Sydney local who would love 2 hours of pure blissful relaxation?

aromaZen is a healing journey that combines restorative practices and doTERRA essential oils for chakra balancing, emotional empowerment and energetic activation.

We will meditate and balance chakra’s in aromaZen with the luscious doTERRA oils and a soothing blissful soul massage using singing bowls, chimes, percussion and medicine drums

Come see us while you're in Sydney, mange the overwhelm of large crowds and high intensity learning.
You'll be so glad you did, when you wake fresh and alive for the full schedule of inspiration and learning ahead.

If you are a doTERRA business builder, aromaZen is a fantastic, complimentary practice to build, nurture and educate your team and attract a broader community.

Important Note:
aromaZen is a private enterprise. Michelle Mullins, the Founder and Creator of aromaZen is a doTERRA client, she is not a doTERRA builder. Michelle works with Leaders and IPC's to help grow their doTERRA business as aromaZen Facilitators.

***What you can expect to experience:***

✔️ You’ll connect to your inner wisdom and intuition
✔️ You'll find clarity, and release tension and anxiety from your body and mind and energy fields
✔️ You feel more connected, in your body, grounded and present
✔️ We release heavy emotions and blockages in the energy field and in doing so experience more lightness and joy
✔️ Let go of old patterns that are no longer serving and call in the path ahead that your heart desires
✔️ Find clarity and connect to your life purpose. You will embrace your strength, wisdom and unlock your inner truth and knowing.
✔️ Go home ready for a deep nourishing sleep and restore your life-force energy


The Last time we came to doTERRA Convention TICKETS SOLD OUT FAST
Avoid disappointment we suggest you reserve your spot online in advance.

$45 per person

*****GROUP PROMO*****

BOOK 5 = Pay for 4 - 1 FREE TICKET FOR YOU!

Are you the one who organises all your friends, your team, your clients?
We want to reward you for your efforts, as we know this takes time, focus and energy on your part.


✔️7 of The highest quality doTERRA essential oils are generously shared for your chakra healing journey. You will receive 2-3 drops of each oil to inhale in your hands or to apply to your body if you feel inclined to.
✔️Beautiful calming herbal tea is served upon arrival to help you settle into the process.


✔️ Wear something soft and comfortable that you can lie down in.
✔️ Bring a yoga mat, cushion and light blanket to create a snuggly comfortable experience.

As we are travelling to Sydney from Melbourne, we couldn't provide mats. You can grab a $5 yoga mat from KMART or TARGET

What is aromaZen?

aromaZen restorative healing is a guided sensory journey using “vibrational medicine’’ tools such as doTERRA essential oils, sound and spoken word through guided chakra based meditation and yoga nidra.

Vibrational Medicine or Energy Medicine is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.

Part 1: Guided Meditation through the Chakra’s from Base to Crown.

During this part of the journey, we use doTERRA essential oils for inhalation and optional application. We do this to deepen the practice through activating your kinaesthetic, olfactory and energetic senses. If however, you do not have access to oils, do not worry, this meditation is a powerful process. Simply follow and connect to the words, your breath and music used throughout.

Part 2 : Guided Zen Nidra - Body Relaxation Meditation

At the beginning of the recording you will be guided to create an intention that you wish to implant during the aromaZen Journey. This is intended to guide your soul towards manifesting something your heart truly desires. Once we transition into the Zen Nidra process, you will speak your positive affirmation to yourself and plant it into your awareness.

During this process, you will be guided to relax and release your body parts, and be taken on a journey that will connect to different parts of your brain and stimulate new energetic pathways. At the conclusion of Zen Nidra, while in a deeply relaxed (zen) state, you will be guided to affirm your intention, setting it deep into your body and subconscious.

Part 3: Sound

From your relaxed Zen Nidra state, there is nothing to do but be still and receive. We will flow into a beautiful harmonic soundscape. You'll be taken you on a sonic journey through gentle earthy drum rhythms and the calls of the wild, to the distinctive tones of Tibetan bowls and high vibrational chimes. Allow yourself to drift away as you deepen your experience and continue to release tension and restore inner balance.