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Would you  like to learn the aromaTouch Technique?
This is one of the best and easiest treatments to help manage the highs and lows with energy zapping that happens with empaths and highly sensitives.

It's also highly effective for easing anxiety and calming the nervous system.  The   immune system is strengthened and it is fantastic for reducing both chronic and acute pain.

It can completely transform your state, its deeply relaxing as well as offering a highly therapeutic healing with the absorption of 60 to 80 drops of high grade doTERRA essential oils

It's easy to learn and even beautiful to do with a partner.. you can both come to a training and share with each other.


Here are the oils you will need for class - Please ask me if you need me to help to make an order. 

Here are the oils you will need for class - Please ask me if you need me to help to make an order. 

When: Saturday March 3rd 11am - 4.30pm
Cost : $175.00 ( for doTERRA members who already have oils ) 

Please speak to me about how you can join this class and purchase your oils if you do not already have them.

Its such a gorgeous treatment using 8 oils and applying them to the spine, feet and neck.
Its easy to do and amazing to receive.
This is a beautiful skill to offer yourself to share with your friends and family.. or those of you who are therapists.. this is fantastic to add to your offerings.
I've been practicing this for 6 years, in clinics, at my home, for my partner and Reuben.

What can I expect from an aromatouch?

# stress relief - extremely relaxing to give and receive
# pain management - awesome to reduce pain and inflammation
# strengthens immune system ( a boost to keep away colds, flu's and infections ) 
# helps ease overactive minds and assist with deeper sleep

What included
An in depth understanding of the process, the oils we , their properties and benefits.
My personal experience and knowledge on how to share this practice with others for friends and family or with clients if you are a therapist.

You will all receive and give a treatment on the day!
# Manual

What you need to bring:
2 Towels
Your aromatouch oils to kit to practice your treatment

Love Michelle x