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aromaZen Essence Weekend Immersion

aromaZen Essence - Foundation Weekend Immersion

This weekend is the beginning the of the aromaZen pathway to become a certified aromaZen facilitator or it is or can be a personal development weekend for anyone curious to explore essential oils, chakras, meditation and the healing arts.

aromaZen classes are a 1.5 hour 3 part experience of guided mediation through the chakras using the inhalation and application of essential oils and gentle breath work, Zen Nidra yogic sleep meditation to relax and soothe the body, mind, spirit, We implant our heart's deepest longing and finish with an uplifting and harmonising sound healing

The intensive weekend unravels the aromaZen process is more detail, we unpack it, discover the ancient teachings, learn techniques, practices and tools to manage our overwhelm, energy levels and overall happiness.

By the end of this weekend you will feel connected to your self and more self aware and energised. You will learn how to do your own aromaZen mediations for yourself at home and even share with friends and family. 

You will have learned new skills and have the tools to bring about a whole new level of emotional healing for yourself and those you love.