LOCATION: Natural Forces - 151 Ormond Road - Elwood - Vic - 3184

1.5 hours 7pm - 8.30pm ( monthly class ) 

What's included...Join us for a truly relaxing and deeply nurturing group guided meditation using the therapeutic doTERRA essential oils. We move through the chakras, bringing our awareness to each energy centre and what emotions and qualities lie with them. We inhale our oil and softly notice and breathe into each chakra.
Following that we lie down and move though a yoga nidra style deep body relaxation. Letting go of tension and anxiety that we hold in our body and mind and easing the nervous system. In a state of deep relaxation we set our intention of what we are truly seeking to manifest in your life.
To finish the journey, when in a state iof deep relaxation we bathe in a high vibrational healing sound bath, listening to the gongs, the hant drum, precussion and harmonic chimes.
Here's what can happen for you in an aromaZen class...
Cleanse and release stagnant energy and release emotional blocksAwaken inner balance with the beautiful doTERRA essential oilsRevitalize your life force energy, clarity and focusAwaken balance, calm and harmony within your energy centres.Ignite your creative manifester, implanting your personal goal or intention. Bathe in a chakra attuned sound bath to complete your journey. To have fulfilling and loving relationships with healthy boundaries, we need to look to ways to support our emotional healing and self-growth. It is essential to your wellbeing and energy levels to take care by learning and practicing self cleansing and protection. We’ve learnt to listen to our bodies physical needs and are culturally conditioned to use therapy to unravel our minds, however, our energy body often lies at the heart of the ailments manifested. Taking good care of our energy body is often not prioritised but highly important. Essential oils have been used effectively and safely as medicines for centuries. They are potent healing tools to shift, heal and balance emotional states.
Hope you can join us - Love Michelle x

Here's what others are saying:
"Aromazen provided a true "lift" from the hectic pace of daily life. As a busy Mother of 3 this self nurturing , relaxing meditation with the incredible addition of essential oils makes for a truly unique, uplifting experience. Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and create the time to do this for you love and gratitude to Michelle"Donna AllingtonProperty & People ManagerMelbourne