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  • 96 Thomas Street
  • Hampton
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2 hour Event

Location:  Home Studio

96 Thomas street


( Jasna and Paul Currie’s house ) 


What is aromaZen?

***aromaZen Healing Journey ***:

This aromaZen modality has been created as a supportive practice to help move you forward, clear blocked emotional energy and awaken you to your truth.
Its designed to deeply nourish and restore your energy body and shift you into balance and alignment to help you to remember to you can and need to consciously create your life.

Combined with the full moon energy, we come togehter, to set our intentions, let go of what is no longer serving and share a safe cosy space with other's who resonate.

***What is it?***

aromaZen Healing Journey
A guided 3 part process beginning with an internal contemplation through the 7 chakras using a connective inhallation process with essential oils and deep breath.

We then implant our goal or intention in a Yoga Nidra body relaxation meditation. The process culminates in a soothing sound bath or harmonic chimes, medicine drum, singing bowls and percussion to uplift your spirit and soothe your soul.

***Other reasons to come to aromaZen:***

✔️ You’ll connect to your inner wisdom, your feminine essence and come home rested, centred and restored.
✔️ You'll find clarity, and release tension and anxiety from your body and mind and energy fields
✔️ You feel more in your body, grounded and present 
✔️ We release heavy emotions and blockages in the energy feel and in doing so experience more lightness and joy
✔️Let go of old patterns that are no longer seving and call in the path ahead that your heart desires
✔️ Find clarity and connect to your life purpose. You will embrace your wise woman within to unlock your inner truth and knowing.
✔️ Go home ready for a deep nourishing sleep and restore your life-force energy
✔️ Celebrate your femine spirit, in a sacred women's ritual for Transformation

Why aromaZen?

Anxiety and Stress has become the new “dis - ease”  of our generation. Many are finding it more and more challenging to find general ease and happiness in our fast paced, multi-tasking, high pressured, digital world that we live in.

We are missing the warmth and connection from sharing space with each other.

For us to have fulfilling and loving relationships, and to find the courage and drive to step into alignment with our highest purpose, we need to look to ways to support our emotional healing and self-growth.

It is essential to your wellbeing and energy levels to take care by learning and practicing self cleansing and emotional balancing techniques as well as drawing our attention inwards, towards mindfulness and self reflection.

We’ve learnt to listen to our physical needs and are culturally conditioned to use therapy to unravel our minds, however, our energy body often lies at the heart of the ailments manifested.

aromaZen is designed to be suitable for people at any stages of meditation.

It's a guided journey to find inner peace and deep rest to help you build inner strength and a deeper insight into your true self.

We guide participants through a self healing journey, in a beautiful environment that supports them in feeling safe, supported and inspired.


✔️ Part of this divine nourishing experience is that everything is provided for you including, thick padded mats for comfort, pillows, blankets and eye masks.
✔️7 of The Highest quality doTERRA essential oils are generously shared for your chakra healing journey. 
✔️Beautiful calming herbal tea is served upon arrival to help you settle into the process.


✔️ Something soft and comfortable for lying down
✔️ Bring your notebook as relfective writing can be included at times.



We are so lucky to share this stunning Home studio with my beautiful friend Jasna Harris Currie and her family. They now have a very new bubba and home who will be sleeping. We need to be extra careful to use the correct entrance via the back studio door.
Please only enter through via THOMAS STREET Driveway entrance. A glass door next to the iron driveway roller doors - Much appreciated xx

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Here's what other's are saying...

I think this experience is amazing, mind blowing and it made me cry a few times. I will be back for more. Thanks so much Michelle

Moon Mahri - Vic

Beautiful workshop, the space was very well held. I felt safe and trusted in Michelle. The oils feel like they have and they are helping me restore my sanity as I’m going through a stressful faze.The sound bowls, drums and chimes transported me into myself. I’ve missed this space. Thanks so much.

Julia Mahon - QLD

The aromaZen experience was very healing and brought me from a state of tension to a state of peace and calm. The oils were my favourite part as in  their magical properties we find emotional relief. Thanks Michelle.

Heba El Hakim - Melbourne