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aromaZen Healing Journey

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Michelle facilitates a range of workshops and classes aimed at restoration, emotional healing, women’s empowerment and mindfulness.

What is aromaZen?

Firstly, this is lush, enjoyable practice that is suitable for people all women who are curious to explore a deeper connection to themselves.

You can do this for yourself at home or in one of our classes throughout Australia. I promise it will support you to find inner peace and deep internal rest which is the foundation for building inner strength and a deeper insight into your true self.

aromaZen restorative healing is a guided sensory journey using “Vibrational Medicine’’ tools such as essentail oils, sound and guided meditation. We use a carefully created spoken word to wake up your soul and encourage inner reflection by asking direct questions at each chakra ( energy centre) This method is designed to inspire your authentic self to emerge, to unravel blocked emotions and release old out grown patterning. We shine a bright light on your true self , awaken your spirit and nourish your life force energy.

Vibrational Medicine or Energy Medicine is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.

Part 1Guided Meditation through the Chakra’s from Base to Crown.

During this part of the journey, we use doTERRA essential oils for inhalation and optional application. We do this to deepen the practice through activating your kinesthetic, olfactory and energetic senses. If however, you do not have access to oils, do not worry, this meditation is a powerful process. Simply follow and connect to the words, your breath and music used throughout.

Part 2 Guided Zen Nidra - Body Relaxation Meditation

At the beginning of our process you will be guided to create an intention that you wish to implant during the aromaZen Journey. This is intended to guide your soul towards manifesting something your heart truly desires. Once we transition into the Zen Nidra process, you will speak your positive affirmation to yourself and plant it into your awareness.

During this process, you will be guided to relax and release your body parts, and be taken on a journey that will connect to different parts of your brain and stimulate new energetic pathways. At the conclusion of Zen Nidra, while in a deeply relaxed (zen) state, you will be guided to affirm your intention, setting it deep into your body and subconscious.

Part 3: Sound

From your relaxed Zen Nidra state, there is nothing to do but be still and receive. We will flow into a beautiful harmonic soundscape. You'll be taken you on a sonic journey through gentle earthy drum rhythms and the calls of the wild, to the distinctive tones of Tibetan bowls and high vibrational chimes. Allow yourself to drift away as you deepen your experience and continue to release tension and restore inner balance.


Why aromaZen?

Anxiety and stress have become the new “dis-ease”  of our generation. Many are finding it more and more challenging to find general ease and happiness in our fast-paced, multi-tasking, high pressured, digital world that we live in.

For us to have fulfilling and loving relationships, and to find the courage and drive to step into alignment with our highest purpose, we need to look to ways to support our emotional healing and self-growth.

It is essential to your wellbeing and energy levels to take care by learning and practising self-cleansing and emotional balancing techniques, as well as drawing our attention inwards, towards mindfulness and self-reflection.

We’ve learnt to listen to our physical needs and are culturally conditioned to use therapy to unravel our minds. However, our energy body often lies at the heart of the ailments we are manifesting.

You are your own Guru - You really do have the answers within you. Dive deep into yourself, and listen to what your soul is telling you. aromaZen is the process to help you do this.

I warmly invite you to join one of our group healing sessions with me in Melbourne ( michelle ) or check out one of our aromaZen Certified Facilitator’s events and workshops in Hampton Australia Wide - Click here to book

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“A profound experience from start to finish. I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth and even the other participants in the room at the end, but during the practice, (7).png
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