aromaYoga Restorative

Michelle teaches weekly restorative aromaYoga in our Thomas street, Hampton Studio every Tuesday morning 9.30 - 11am

Having become a deeply cherished part of Michelle’s aromaWild Women’s Retreats, women from all ages, backgrounds and physical abilities have been enjoying the deep, restorative and relaxing benefits of aromaYoga.

In aromaYoga - Restorative we focus on finding our own edge, understanding our own uniqueness, and trusting we know our bodies limitation. You know your body, and your body knows how to heal itself. In aromaYoga, Michelle will be your guide.

What you can expect to experience

✔️ Restorative Yoga is deeply relaxing, slow easy process that will energise and revive you

✔️ Arrive feeling overwhelmed, in your head, over-busy and leave grounded, centred and present

✔️ Release body aches and pains, and build strength and awareness

✔️ Leave feeling lighter and more energised

✔️ Clear your mind, activate your endorphins and get motivated

Michelle is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and has been in consistent regular practice for 20 years. After becoming a mother 11 years ago and battling with fatigue and injury, this led her to move from the more intense, fast paced, physical forms of yoga towards a more gentle, slow and supported practice, aimed at lengthening the body, and releasing & restoring energy.

aromaYoga Restorative is a combination of the following:

✔️Asana - A gentle, slow physical practice using supportive bolsters, straps and blocks.

✔️Pranayama - Using a range of traditional breath practices to balance the nervous system and restore life force energy, focus and clarity to the mind.

✔️Yoga Nidra - The practice of yogic sleep for deep nourishing rest

✔️Meditation - At times meditation will be included to explore and reflect our internal landsape. An enquiry into yourself.

✔️Essential Oils - May be used to enhance our practice, open the airways and invigorate the space.

✔️Sound Healing - Also an extra tool for more bliss, soothing and calming our mind, body and spirit.

This is a safe, warm friendly space to explore your own relationship with yoga, your body and the like minded others who join us.

( Please note: The address details will be given with booking )