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Next Date: 2020 Hepburn Springs : Dates Friday Jan 24th @2pm -  Sunday Jan 26th @ 3pm




Hello beauty,

How are you?

Are you ready for a shift in your life? Would a weekend of guidance, support and restoration help prepare you for a more empowered life?

Maybe you have been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed , sick of feeling your energy scattered or spread a little to thin?

You may be juggling parenting, work, relationships, big changes, whilst keeping a house functiong.

You know that feeling when you keep seeing the same patterns repeating and you’re so over yourself. You want change, but need to get away from your life to find some space to reflect on where you are and what you want.

Wouldn’t you love to have all the best healthy food made for you, massages, healings and gentle body work waitng for you.

A carefully planned schedule that will help you connect to yourself, soften into your heart and hear your inner voice clearly/

This weekend is designed to be deeply nurturing, to give you space, pleasure and nourishment as well as specially designed self reflection , inspiration and transformational work that can guide you into expansion and joy!!

“It could be called Energy Maintenance and Soul Guidance for self aware women”

If you want to tune into your higher self, connect to your wise woman and rejuvenate your soul, join me for 3 days of Vibrational Healing - Soul Medicine for Sensitives

✔️ You’ll connect to your inner wisdom, your feminine essence and come home rested, centred and restored.
✔️ You’ll stretch, open and relax your body with gentle morning restorative yoga
✔️ We will meditate and balance chakra’s in aromaZen everyday with the luscious doTERRA oils and a Soothing blissful soul massage using Singing bowls, Chimes, Percussion and Medicine Drum & our New GONG!!
✔️ The food is AMAZING! Our award winning chef will nourish you full flavoured organic vegetarian cusine - you wont go hungry!
✔️ You can have Massage, Energy healing, Tarot reading and even join a TURKISH STEAM RITUAL if you want to treat yourself
✔️ Find clarity with guided reflective writing. You will connect to the wise woman within to unlock your inner truth and knowing.
✔️ Learn new skills to cleanse your energy and manage stress - You’ll be able to share with your family when you get home. ✔️ Celebrate your femine spirit and call in your best year ahead in a sacred women’s Ritual and Ceremony

✔️ You will feel at home and comfortable in this heart based group of soul sisters.

Many women have used this 3 day program to initiate new careers and big life changes. Other's have learned the value of self care and made long lasting changes that have made an inspiring impact within their relationships with their partners and family.  They are also sharing lasting change to their personal health and happiness.

When like minded women come together in this way, magic happens!!! We are all so intuitive and support each other to share our our truth from an authentic place.. We see into each other deeply and inspire each other to shine at our brightest.

Self care and conscious creation is important dear one. Don't let life take you into places that don't allow you to thrive.

Make yourself a priority for one weekend , Christmas will be done and school has yet to start. Make this weekned be all about you!

Our team will support, nourish and pamper you for weekend.

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You will be staying in the renowned and refurbished  Continental House - Fun and quirky 1920's style Retreat Space situated in the heart of Victoria's Spa Country. 
It is a special place where you can feel the energy from the second that you enter the enormous hedge, much of the original features have been maintained  - some of which will surprise you and make you smile.

Its a magical venue surrounded by an achre of charming gardens to take a walk, bask in the sun in your free time and read a book or lie under the tree's

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All food will be vegetarian and delicious. Any special dietary requirements can be catered for with prior notice. 

We are serving a delicious vegetarian ( mostly plant based menu)  offering  very best and freshest organically grown foods from the surrounding farms in the district and created by an award winning chef and published food writer.

Our menu will relflect the seasonality and creative flair that appeals to health conscious soul sisters who enjoy full flavours and tasty goodness!

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To confirm your attendance - $200 deposit is required

(Optional payment plan available - Please ask)

“A profound experience from start to finish. I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth and even the other participants in the room at the end, but during the practice, (10).png




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  • Turkish Hamman Steam Experience (Optional Friday night - $70 )

  • Tarot Readings/Intuitive Guidance,  Kinesiology Session, Reiki or Yvette offers a mix of all of these modalities in her 1 hour session.  (Available in Free Time - pre booked sessions are available upon request 1 hour = $100.00 ) 

  • Massage available ( $110 ) 


Turkish Hammam Steam Experience

What is it?

1 hour with Trained therapists who guide the bathers through an authentic steam ritual. Wearing bathers, guests are provided with a linen sarong and an exfoliation mitt. 
After gentle steaming they are guided through a mud soap bubble experience to exfoliate and each participant receives a massage. There is then much cleansing with bowls of water, Traditional Turkish Style.
After a cool rince , guests rest in the Turkish lounge with refreshment and a facial spritz.

This is something special - A fave by past retreat guests!


Yvette Hoppen

Kinesiologist I Reiki Master I Intuitive Healer I Tarot Reader

"I can personally highly recommend private sessions with Yvette. She is the owner/ operator of my favourite Healing Centre in Melbourne - Natural Forces. I have been supported by all of her modalities over the past 3 years. She is deeply caring, generous by nature and very supportive. I find her wisdom and insight to be clear and accurate. She's helped me navigate many challenging decisions and guided me into stepping into my purpose.  I always leave a session feeling calm, centred and clear on my path ahead."

Michelle Mullins


Yvette uses Tarot as a medium for identifying current situations, giving voice to hidden or neglected aspects and the offer support and clarity to others on their life journey. Yvette can incorporate Kinesiology into her sessions to provide insight into the origin and cause of issues and assist with clearing.

✔️ Decision Making and getting on track
✔️ Business / Career Choices
✔️ Relationship / Family Issues 
✔️ Self Development / Spiritual Guidance
✔️ Motivational / Psycological Blocks
✔️ Yvette is available for private session whilst you’re on retreat

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  • Any woman who is interested in Natural Health, The Healing arts, sound and vibrational medicine and looking to connect with herself in a deeper way. Many women are senstive, empaths, creatives and are craving some inner growth and clarity in their lives.

  • Gentle Yoga is provided - suitable for most - beginner yoga

  • Lovers of essential oils & energetic healing and women who know they want to connect to their hearts and

  • Women who are self responsible open minded and ready to make internal shifts that will offer more freedom and joy and self expression

  • Women who work in the healing industry who want to strengthen and enhance themselves and their practices.

  • Those who are interested in aromaZen Facilitation Training and are curious to exprerinece and embody the practices.

NEXT DATE : Friday January 24th - Sunday 26th


Although this feels like far away - this is a popular retreat and spaces fill quickly so claim your attendance and snap up the Early Bird Deal now.


EXAMPLE - 2019 Program



2pm Arrival to Register

2.30pm - 5pm

 Opening circle

Personal Reflection Journey

Visioning our 2019

5pm Free Time  until dinner 


5.15pm - 6.15pm

Turkish Hamam Steam Ritual

 Free Time





Energy Clearing and aromaZen Grounding


3 part restorative healing Guided Mediation & Chakra Balance

Yoga Nidra

Sound Healing  




8:00 - 9.15am

Restore Yoga



10am - 1pm


10am Guided Bushwalk

( optional )





Creating our Vision Board


4.30 - 7PM


Women’s Ritual & Ceremony

Rose Temple Nourishment Practice 





8.00 - 9.15am

Restore Yoga




Full Moon aromaZen

Women’s Cirlce 



3pm end




Who am I?

Michelle Mullins

Retreat Host I Restorative Yoga Teacher I aromaZen guide  I Tantric Women's facilitator I Transformation Guide I Mentor

I'm Michelle and I am an intuitive empath who understands the highs and lows of life as an energetically highly sensitive.

I can see, sense and feel your unique gifts and talents and help you guide them forward into action. I'm a creative change maker with a rebellious streak, I challenge conventional ways of being, and hold space for the rise of Emotional Intelligence. I am vigilant and committed to a path of evolution and awakening.


My strengths is in being able to help you identify and activate your healthy boundaries which will restore your life-force energy, activate your inner voice and find your authentic life path. I am a guide and way shower for fellow Empaths and Sensitives.

I offer deep understanding and insight to the gifts and differences that show up in everyday lif and provide you with skills, techniques and education that will develop strength, inner resilience and empowerment.

My background is as a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Aroma Touch Technician, Reiki Practitioner, Tantric Women's Facilitator and Mentor for Wellness Warriors looking to develop their offerings. 

I am the Founder and Director of aromaLife, aromaWild Women's Retreats and aromaZen restorative healing modality. aromaZen is a guided meditation, chakra balance and sound healing class with Facilitator Training Programs annually in Melbourne.