The Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”. He believes that women, with their nurturing instinct are naturally more compassionate. Perhaps we can all recognise the truth in that.

There is a need for harmony, balance and a rising of the feminine strengths and qualities, but what does this mean for women individually? Each of us needs to dig deeper now. It’s time for all of us to call in our truth, to let go of old outgrown patterns of conditioning, reclaim our feminine voice and express ourselves authentically.

Thankfully, societal norms are breaking down and many of us are reaching for more equality and equilibrium. Together we are waking up, and finding the best versions of ourselves to be in it.

This is where it begins - with the healing and empowerment of each woman. As she awakens and remembers her innate gifts, restores her strength, and connects with her intuition, she shares her essence and her conscious awareness with her family, her community and everyone she meets.

The Western Woman can indeed save the world; the first step is to reclaim herself.


A big issue we face today is that many of us are exhausted. We have become accustomed to “busy” being the new norm and the expectation to be juggling far too many roles and responsibilities.

Brené Brown- author of Dare to Lead says: “Crazy-busy is a great armour, it’s a great way for numbing. What a lot of us do is that we stay so busy, and so out in front of our life, that the truth of how we are feeling and what we really need can’t catch up with us.” But it does catch up, and it’s no longer whispers of aches and pains, but as we mature and age our bodies scream at us with chronic illness, adrenal fatigue and anxiety. We can become so busy doing, that we lose connection to our natural state of being - our soul path and our inner voice.

A great way for women to nourish and heal themselves is by coming together. By joining groups, circles or women’s retreats they thrive in the company of like-minded souls. Real time bonding creates a rise in oxytocin “ love hormone” that helps us to feel good, to feel happy. This is so healing for the feminine. These days with so much emphasis placed on the online space over real time connection, we are left missing vital parts of what’s available for us.

Retreats offer time and space to immerse deeply into our own development. This is a rare opportunity for the busy woman and a valuable investment in herself...


Welcome to aromaWild Women Retreat, Ubud

Only a 6 hour flight from Melbourne, how lucky we are to have this energy powerhouse on our doorstep. Steeped in a history of magical discovery, and still the site for holy pilgrimages, the light, magnetic energy, and healing properties of Ubud make it the natural choice for aromaZen as the location for its signature Wild Women Retreats.

The magic begins as soon as you step off the plane and are welcomed by sweet scent of jasmine oil diffusing through the airport. You are met by your driver and safely transported up the mountain.

Many women come alone, or with a friend or family member. They come to get to know themselves and to discover parts they have lost, forgotten, or ignored for years. Women often tell me that they hadn’t realised how much they’d neglected themselves until they make themselves a priority again.

We use a powerful combination of experiences, exercises, personal work and healing modalities. We begin by restoring the energy system and unravelling tension and pain to allow physical comfort and ease in the body to form a stable foundation to prepare us for the inner work we do.

Our signature aromaZen Restorative Healing is one of the foundations of the work we do on retreat. We take women on a sensory inward journey through the chakras and pause in the heart to meet their 5-year-old inner child. This part of aromaZen often brings people to tears. You see yourself so young and fragile. There is a recognition of your current vulnerability, inner longing, unmet needs and feelings of abandonment.

To witness yourself through the eyes of the elder cultivates an overwhelming feeling of compassion, care and self love. You want to nurture your inner child, to hold her and to make things right again. You make space to ask her what she needs right now, and this sacred work awakens your truth, allowing connection to your desires and needs revealing inner wisdom. You initiate an inner communion, a coming home to self. It’s really something special.

I’ve seen many women transform their lives. aromaWild Women Retreats have birthed new careers, helped women to make shifts that allow them to express their truest calling, supporting them to begin their own creative businesses, for example, shifting roles from hospital nurse to birth doula. I’ve witnessed women remember and own their psychic gifts from childhood that were shut down by fearful parents and society to where they now work as Mediums, guides and healers sharing their wisdom to help others. For some it’s a powerful re-charge, filling their cups, giving them much needed respite from the requirements of parenting young children. They are tired and in need of self care and self love.


A breeze drifts across the rice fields infused with incense and the scent of warm, rich earth. Sunlight refracts through tiny droplets of mist that caress your skin, and the sound of Gamelan, sometimes real, sometimes imagined is punctuated by the soft tinkle of a wind chime caught in a lazy swing. Your body, mind and soul are in holy communion with nature and there is a sense of coming home - to self. 

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Michelle Mullins