aroma collective is the aromaLife doTERRA essential oils wellness tribe
aromalife doTERRA essential oils

aromaLife's doTERRA Wellness Team is aroma Collective.

We are a group of likeminded girls and guys who love doTERRA essentials oils and wellness products. We love the education and the forward thinking approach to Health that nature provides.

You'll find an empowered soul fuelled community of like minded essential oil enthusiasts and lovers of Natures Alternatives.

The purpose of aroma Collective is essentially about exploring the therapeutic and medicinal uses of dōTERRA Essential oils - physically, emotionally and spiritually, including their other high quality lifestyle products.

Some of us are business builders, we share the doTERRA therpeutic range as a part of our wellness business or as a sole focus. Some in our group are users, who are exploring the healing benefits for themselves and their families. Either way, we're all pretty crazy about the oils and love to share recipes, ideas, experiences and resources with each other.

If you like the sound of this... you should join us!

Get in touch with me and lets have a chat about it.

If you would like to join our aroma collective Facebook group - you are welcome, but please note it's for the sharing of doTERRA education and information.